• No matter if it is your car, trailer, boat or heavy machinery if the wiring and electric components need to be fixed, serviced or completely replaced we can do the job.

Air Conditioning service, repair and design

  • If your air condition needs a service, repair, upgrade or you need a full aftermarket system installation not a problem.

Fault finding and repair

  • With our years of experience in the automotive industry and due to an extended background in mechatronics engineering we do fault finding with a holistic approach.

Electronic device fault finding and repair for ECU's, sensors and actuators

  • We don't just exchange parts. Electronic devices, especially for machinery, are expensive and often repairable for a fraction of the price that you would pay for a new unit.  

Device Installation

  • We install any aftermarket electric/electronic device into anything on wheels or tracks to highest standards.4 WD conversions like dual battery systems, 2 ways, LED driving lights and light bars, compressors, fridges, switch panels, etc... Mine / Site specific Truck or machinery conversions like battery and starter isolators, jump start recepticals, e-stops, beacons, radios and other safety equipment and custom made solutions to comply with site standards.

Manufacturing of electric harnesses

  • We manufacture to your needs and quality expectations, either for the replacement of old harnesses or for aftermarket installations, trailers and for our custom made devices.

Manufacturing of industrial electric cabinets for automotive applications

  • Automotive electrics built to DIN standard and mounted into industrial grade cabinets onto DIN rails for ease of serviceability and longevity.

Machine interface design and installation

  • If you are planning to add features like vehicle remote controls, fleet management systems or additional controls to name just a few a proper built machine interface is a crucial milestone to achieve a well working system installation.

Automotive system design, manufacturing and


  • You need an aftermarket solution for an automotive system that you can't buy anywhere call us today to discuss its feasibility. From customised 4 wheel drives to heavy machinery systems the market can't supply, we will go the whole way with you from planning over parts requisition to manufacturing and installation.

Marine wiring and device installation

  • We wire or rewire your boat to your needs and install any device of your liking. We can do battery upgrades or extend your battery array and chargers, solar installations, radios, ligthing, sounders, etc...


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